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Farm Animal Practice
Healthcare in the modern dairy herd
  1. Dai Grove-White

    Dai Grove-White graduated from Liverpool in 1975. After a period in large animal practice in Wales, he spent some time in the Middle East and Africa where he worked mainly on large scale dairying projects, He returned to Wales in 1985 to work in large animal practice before moving to Liverpool University as a lecturer in farm animal studies. He holds the diploma in bovine reproduction from Liverpool and was awarded an FRCVS for a thesis on calf diarrhoea. He is an RCVS specialist in cattle health and production.


AS the UK dairy industry continues to change, the role of the veterinary surgeon on the modern dairy farm has evolved and is increasingly that of an adviser, encompassing all aspects of health, productivity and welfare. Together with other specialists, such as nutritionists, housing consultants and breeding companies, the practitioner's involvement spans all areas of farm management. Undoubtedly, veterinary intervention in key areas such as farm assurance, fertility, nutrition, and disease monitoring and prevention can have a significant impact on the productivity of a unit. This article reviews these areas, providing examples of where veterinary effort may best be directed. Future articles in In Practice will elaborate on specific elements of veterinary input into the dairy enterprise.

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