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Electrolyte analyser - toy or tool?
  1. Peter Dobromylskyj

    Peter Dobromylskyj works in a two-vet small animal practice in Norfolk. He holds the RCVS and European diplomas in veterinary anaesthesia. His interests are acute pain control, day case anaesthesia and providing practical information on anaesthesia-related subjects for use in the general practice setting.


IN this article, Peter Dobromylskyj asserts that an electrolyte analyser is undoubtedly a tool and not a toy. He provides examples of a range of clinical situations in which electrolyte measurement allows the vet to make informed decisions about therapy. In many cases, these decisions must be made urgently and may markedly influence the outcome for the patient. Moreover, there are a number of less urgent conditions in which the use of an analyser is helpful - allowing the equipment to earn its keep between critical patients.

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