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A question of sales
  1. Ross Tiffin

    Ross Tiffin spent nearly 10 years as managing director of Hill's in the UK, and commercial director for northern Europe. He subsequently worked as managing director of Veterinary Business Development before establishing his own company, Tartan Healthcare Strategy, in 2002. He was a joint author of Quo Vadis? and writes and speaks widely in the UK and abroad on the dynamics of the veterinary industry and the changing interface with consumers.

1. What value to practice?


AT a time when many practices are taking stock and trying to anticipate the effect of the Department of Trade and Industry/Competition Commission recommendations, serious consideration needs to be given to what exactly the profession, and its customers, will want out of veterinary practice over the next decade or two. With a potential decrease in income from medicines sales, alternative sources of income will need to be found. Here, Ross Tiffin gets the ball rolling by posing a series of questions to encourage practitioners to consider the relative importance and value to the practice of their existing ‘leveraged sales’. A follow-up article discussing the subject in more depth will appear in next month's In Practice.

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