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Journey to MRCVS – the mature student's view
  1. Tess Sprayson

    Tess Sprayson graduated from Liverpool in 2000. After 18 months in mixed and small animal practice she joined The Donkey Sanctuary as a veterinary clinician. She is sitting the RCVS certificate in equine internal medicine this year. Her main interests include epidemiology and the working equine, and her time is now split between working on projects based both in the UK and overseas.


VETERINARY school is a challenge at any age. Is university life more difficult for mature students than for their younger peers, or do their acquired skills make up for any disadvantages? How easy is it to get back into studying mode? And how do employers view the older applicant? As a past mature student, Tess Sprayson was recently asked, by others considering making the same move, whether a veterinary degree was a realistic academic and financial goal for people in their thirties. Here, she gives her answer.

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