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Avian Practice
Clinical and zoonotic aspects of psittacosis
  1. Suzetta Billington

    Suzetta Billington graduated from Liverpool in 1994. She spent five years in mixed practice before undertaking an MSc in wild animal health at the Institute of Zoology, in London. She currently works at the Birch Heath Veterinary Clinic in Cheshire, which has a predominantly exotic (especially avian) caseload. She also holds a BSc in zoology.


PSITTACOSIS is a common and potentially fatal bacterial disease of psittaciforms, which should be considered in any sick parrot presented at the clinic. It is also an important zoonosis and therefore has health and welfare implications for both owners and practice staff. There are a number of diagnostic options and treatments that may be considered if, indeed, treatment is attempted at all. This article reviews these, and outlines the precautions that should be taken when dealing with suspected cases.

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