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Insurance legislation: what does it mean to be authorised?
  1. Russ King

    Russ King qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1985 and has worked in small animal practice in the London area ever since. He opened his own practice in Cockfosters, Hertfordshire, in 1997. The practice now has two vets and became authorised by the FSA in January 2005 when the new regulations governing general insurance came into force.


IN January 2005 new regulations came into force governing the general insurance industry to ensure that consumers are given proper advice and have safeguards should things go wrong. The new rules are complex and far reaching, and it is the job of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to police the scheme and regulate insurance intermediaries. The veterinary profession has become caught up in this in relation to pet insurance and, specifically, in its dealings with members of the public who may ask for advice about insuring their animals. Here, Russ King, principal of one of the few practices to become directly authorised by the FSA, explains why, for his practice, authorisation was the preferred option and gives guidance to others who would like to follow suit.

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