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Companion Animal Practice
Investigation and management of cardiovascular disease in rabbits
  1. Brigitte Reusch

    Brigitte Reusch graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2002. After a period of exotic animal locum work in Manchester and small animal practice in Nottingham, she joined the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies to complete a one year small animal internship, working within the School&s exotic animal and wildlife service. In 2004, she began a Rabbit Welfare Fund (RWF) rabbit and zoo animal residency at Bristol and Bristol Zoo Gardens, where she is involved in teaching rabbit medicine and working in the RWF&s rabbit-only first opinion and referral clinic.


ANECDOTAL reports from veterinary surgeons suggest that cardiovascular disease is increasingly being diagnosed in rabbits. With the rise in popularity of this species as a pet, and often a house pet, owners are noticing subtle signs of disease and are presenting their animals for investigation at an earlier stage. This article describes how a systematic approach to the investigation can lead to improved management and, hence, a better outlook for these patients.

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