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Companion Animal Practice
Management of infectious disease in the multi‐cat environment
  1. Alison Speakman

    Alison Speakman graduated from Glasgow in 1991. After a short spell in mixed practice, she completed a residency in feline medicine at Liverpool. She returned to small animal practice in 1998, and currently works at a first-opinion and referral practice in St Helens, Merseyside. She holds a PhD for studies on Bordetella bronchiseptica infection in cats.


INFECTIOUS disease can be potentially devastating within a multi‐cat environment if not treated and managed effectively. It is essential that housing facilities are constructed and managed well to minimise both the acquisition and spread of infection. A rapid and accurate assessment needs to be made of cats with, or potentially incubating, disease as well as the number of cats at risk. Following this, a plan to treat and limit the further spread of disease can be instituted. This article describes prevention and management strategies for the most frequently encountered feline infectious diseases within a variety of multi‐cat environments, including veterinary practices, households, rescue shelters and catteries. Further information on antiviral therapies is provided in an accompanying article on pages 454 to 457 of this issue.

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