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Companion Animal Practice
Management of chronic degenerative mitral valve disease in dogs
  1. Paul Smith

    Paul Smith graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1997. He spent a year in firstopinion practice before completing clinical training scholarships in small animal medicine and surgery, and veterinary cardiopulmonary medicine, both at Edinburgh. He currently works at Dick White Referrals near Cambridge.


CHRONIC degenerative mitral valve disease (CDMVD), also referred to as myxomatous mitral valve disease and endocardiosis, is the most common cardiac disease in dogs. The early stages are typified by a few small, discrete areas of opacity or nodules in the region of valvular apposition. Ultimately, the condition progresses to also involve the basal portion of the valve and chordae tendineae. The valvular changes result in progressively worsening mitral regurgitation and, in some cases, can lead to the development of heart failure. This article discusses current treatment strategies for canine CDMVD and reviews their rationale.

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