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Client Relations
Making welfare part of the furniture
  1. Caroline Bower

    Caroline Bower is a veterinary partner in a small animal hospital in Plymouth. She holds the diploma in companion animal behaviour counselling, is a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and receives referrals from other practices in the south west. She enjoys using her behavioural experience to enhance her approach to people and pets in general practice, and is also an advocate of the role of the veterinary profession in the prevention of behavioural problems.


GOOD welfare in general practice is not just about being kind to animals ‐ it also embraces clients, staff and ultimately the practice itself. Endeavours to create a favourable environment within the waiting area and consulting rooms, with consideration of the needs of a variety of species and owners, will almost certainly pay off. By minimising stress in patients and owners, and making the visit as pleasant an experience as possible from start to finish, the practice not only improves the chances of achieving a successful clinical outcome but, hopefully, also ends up with a client and patient who are happy to return.

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