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Practice Protocols
First wash your hands! Control of nosocomial infections in practice
  1. Gerry Polton

    Gerry Polton is a clinical oncologist at Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hertfordshire, where he leads the Infection Control Group. He is currently working to achieve recognition as a European Specialist in Small Animal Oncology.

  2. Clive Elwood

    Clive Elwood is head of medicine at Davies Veterinary Specialists, and is a diplomate of the American and European Colleges of Veterinary Internal Medicine. He is the principal representative of the practice's directors on the Infection Control Group.


TWO years ago, in response to concerns about the nosocomial infection rate in its veterinary hospital, Davies Veterinary Specialists set up an infection control group to investigate infection risks and improve hygiene practices. As Gerry Polton and Clive Elwood explain, this has led to tangible improvements in the incidence of hospital‐acquired infections and has also had significant spin‐offs in terms of improved patient care and enhanced staff morale.

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