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‘e-letters’: practice promotion at the click of a mouse
  1. Ewan McNeill

    Ewan McNeill is joint principal of the Castle Veterinary Centre in Nottingham, which has been sending e‐letters to its clients since 2002. His clinical interests include ophthalmology and radiology. He is currently the president of SPVS and a trustee of the Veterinary Benevolent Fund.


PRACTICE newsletters are nothing new; many of the more forward-looking and commercially minded practices have been producing them for years, either in‐house or by using a commercially composed product customised to their own requirements, with the intention of promoting the business and its services. Practice electronic newsletters, or ‘e-letters’, distributed via the internet, are a much more recent development. Here, Ewan McNeill draws on his own practice experiences to describe how, with sufficient forethought, they can be successfully introduced to promote and build business in a worthwhile way.

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