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Farm Animal Practice
Practical anaesthesia and analgesia in sheep, goats and calves
  1. Oliver Hodgkinson

    Oliver Hodgkinson graduated from Liverpool in 1999 and joined a mixed practice in Wales. He subsequently returned to Liverpool to undertake a three-year residency in farm animal health and welfare, and went on to run the veterinary school's farm animal practice and hospital. He has now returned to Wales where he works in private practice.

  2. Leanne Dawson

    Leanne Dawson graduated from Glasgow in 1999. After a spell in mixed practice, she moved to Liverpool to undertake a residency in the Livestock Health and Welfare Division, where she jointly ran the veterinary school's farm animal practice and hospital. She currently works in mixed practice in Lancashire. She holds the diploma in bovine reproduction.


ANALGESIA and anaesthesia are often problematic to provide safely and effectively in small ruminants, especially sheep, and are thus underutilised by veterinary surgeon and farmer alike. However, they can improve animal welfare and facilitate a range of clinical procedures. This article describes a number of practical techniques that can be easily employed in the field.

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