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Equine Practice
RAO and IAD: respiratory disease in horses revisited
  1. Kate Allen

    Kate Allen qualified from Liverpool in 2002. She spent a year in mixed practice, before undertaking a one‐year equine internship at Bristol. She is currently the clinical scholar in equine sports medicine and internal medicine at Bristol.

  2. Samantha Franklin

    Samantha Franklin qualified from Bristol in 1995. After four years in practice, she returned to Bristol to complete a PhD in dynamic upper airway disorders of the horse. She currently runs the equine sports medicine referral centre at Bristol.


RESPIRATORY disease continues to be a major problem for horse owners and trainers worldwide. Lower airway inflammation is now recognised in a range of animals, from aged ponies to young racehorses. This article discusses recent developments in the definitions and understanding of recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) and inflammatory airway disease (IAD). For both conditions, it describes the clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment. A more comprehensive discussion of therapeutic options was provided in an earlier article in In Practice (Durham 2001).

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