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Companion Animal Practice
Investigation and treatment of feline chronic bronchial disease
  1. Ellie Mardell

    Ellie Mardell qualified from Cambridge in 1999 and spent three years in general practice before completing a residency in internal medicine at the Animal Health Trust. She currently works at Rutland House Referrals, where she provides a feline medicine service, and is studying for the RCVS diploma in feline medicine. She holds the RCVS certificate in small animal medicine.


DOMESTIC cats presenting with a chronic cough or wheeze are encountered with some frequency in small animal practice. The problem may be persistent or episodic, and can vary widely in severity. Clinically, many cases resemble human chronic bronchial disease but, with much still to learn about the feline disease, terms as specific as ‘feline asthma’ and ‘chronic bronchitis’ may be misleading. This article reviews the options for investigation available to the veterinary clinician, which are limited compared with the techniques used in the medical field. As discussed, inhaled therapy is becoming an increasingly important component of therapy, again based on experiences gained in human medicine, but at present treatment remains essentially symptomatic.

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