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Continuing Education
Journal clubs in practice: time well spent?
  1. David Rendle

    David Rendle qualified from Bristol in 2001 and spent 18 months in large animal practice in Frome, Somerset, before moving to the Liphook Equine Hospital, Hampshire, to take up a housevet position. Currently, he is undertaking a three-year residency in equine internal medicine, sponsored by the Horserace Betting Levy Board, jointly at the University of Glasgow and the Liphook Equine Hospital. Following completion of his residency in October, he will be returning to Liphook to take up a position as an internal medicine clinician within the hospital.


IN veterinary practice today it is more important than ever to maintain an awareness of the current literature and to have an appreciation of the concept of evidence-based medicine. The value of regular journal clubs is well recognised in postgraduate medical education, yet, says David Rendle, in veterinary practice few gather to discuss the latest developments in their fields. Unless well organised and executed, journal clubs may be infrequently attended and generally resented by the majority of participants. Here, he discusses ways of ensuring that these forums justify incorporation into the busy working day.

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