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Companion Animal Practice
Treatment of canine hyperadrenocorticism
  1. Ian Ramsey

    Ian Ramsey is director of the Small Animal Hospital at Glasgow University. He is an RCVS and European diplomate in small animal medicine, and holds a PhD for studies on feline retroviruses.

  2. Reto Neiger

    Reto Neiger is clinical director of the small animal medical department at the University in Giessen, Germany. He is a diplomate of the American and European Colleges of Veterinary Internal Medicine, and holds a PhD for studies on canine and feline Helicobacter infections.


THE methods used to diagnose hyperadrenocorticism and distinguish the two forms of disease – pituitary-dependent versus adrenal-dependent – were described in the last issue of In Practice (September 2007, volume 29, pp 446-454). This article focuses on the treatment of the condition. Before treating any dog with hyperadrenocorticism, it is worthwhile having a detailed discussion with the owner about the costs, benefits and potential complications of the available therapies.

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