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Farm Animal Practice
Management of young pigs for high health
  1. Peter Bown

    Peter Bown graduated from Glasgow in 1968 and was awarded the FRCVS by examination in 1974. He is a senior partner in a 27‐vet mixed practice, and head of the pig team, which offers first‐opinion and consultancy services to the UK pig industry.


THE production of healthy weaners in good numbers is key to the economic viability of any pig breeding operation. High health in young pigs refers to piglets free of clinical disease at weaning and those that have not been disadvantaged by either disease or malnutrition during the suckling phase. This requires good management of sows during gestation and lactation, good management of farrowing rooms and good management of newborn piglets. This article discusses each of these elements, highlighting the importance of fulfilling the environmental needs of both the sow and the piglet. For the purposes of this article, a young pig is defined as one preweaning.

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