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Farm Animal Practice
Differential diagnosis and management of right-sided abdominal ‘ping’ in dairy cattle
  1. Mike Kerby

    Mike Kerby graduated from Bristol in 1985 and has worked exclusively in farm animal, mainly dairy, practice, first in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, and then in Dorset, before joining Delaware Veterinary Group in Somerset, in 1992. He holds the diploma in bovine reproduction from Liverpool.


TYMPANIC resonance (or ‘ping’) on the right side of the abdomen in dairy cattle may be associated with a number of conditions, and can be clinically challenging to diagnose and treat. This article outlines the approach to differential diagnosis, and describes the management and prognosis of the six most common causes of right-sided abdominal ping in dairy cattle likely to be seen in practice. It also outlines the treatment options for the related conditions intussusception, subacute/chronic intestinal obstruction and abomasal impaction.

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