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Multimodal analgesia for postoperative pain relief
  1. Louisa Slingsby

    Louisa Slingsby graduated from Bristol in 1994. After a year in small animal practice, she returned to Bristol to undertake a PhD in perioperative analgesia in dogs, cats and rats. She is now a research fellow and her interests are analgesia in dogs and cats. She has been involved in many industrysponsored clinical studies that have led to the introduction of a number of popular analgesics into general veterinary practice.


MULTIMODAL or balanced analgesia is a technique that is suitable for both large and small animals experiencing pain that may be difficult to control with a single analgesic agent. The effect is easily achievable using a combination of licensed (in some cases) and unlicensed (in some cases) analgesic products, and may only require a small modification of the analgesia regimen already used within veterinary practice. This article defines multimodal analgesia and describes some of the combinations that can be employed in practice.

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