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Client Relations
Putting PR into practice
  1. Jacqui Molyneux

    Jacqui Molyneux qualified from Bristol in 1981. She initially entered small animal practice in Liverpool and later moved to County Durham. In 1984, she started a practice in the former steelworks town of Consett. In 2000, she gained the RCVS certificate in small animal surgery. She is honorary treasurer of the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons and a member of the RCVS Council


VERY soon, if you're not promoting your practice through effective publicity techniques, you may find that you begin to struggle in an increasingly competitive world, warns Jacqui Molyneux. Veterinary practices, like many other profession-led businesses, are now re-evaluating their marketing budgets. Where once their entire promotional spend would be devoted to advertising, perhaps consisting of an advert in the Yellow Pages and a note in the classifieds, as well as good old word of mouth, many practices are rapidly finding that such an approach is no longer sufficient.

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