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Farm Animal Practice
Respiratory disease in sheep
  1. Suzanna Bell

    Suzanna Bell graduated from Glasgow in 1999. She worked in small animal and mixed practice in Shropshire before joining the Veterinary Laboratories Agency in 2003, where she was a member of the Small Ruminant Advisory Group, focusing on respiratory diseases in sheep. She is currently studying for an MSc in tropical veterinary diseases through the University of Pretoria in South Africa and is working on a project on bluetongue.

2. Treatment and control


RESPIRATORY disease can lead to severe financial losses and welfare implications in sheep flocks. Individual animals may be affected or outbreaks can occur, with losses due to mortality, reduced production – poor or delayed growth in fattening lambs with a greater feed consumption for finishing, and illthrift and poor milk production in adult ewes – and treatment costs. This article discusses how to reduce the impact of the condition in flocks and describes specific methods for the control and treatment of common pathogens. An article in the last issue (In Practice, April 2008, volume 30, pp 200-207) discussed the diagnosis of respiratory disease in sheep and its potential aetiologies.

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