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Pyrexia of unknown origin in the dog
  1. Andria Cauvin

    Andria Cauvin graduated from Glasgow in 1992 and has since worked in both first- and second-opinion practice. She holds the RCVS certificates in veterinary radiography and small animal medicine, and is a European specialist in small animal internal medicine. She is currently head of medicine at a private referral practice in Essex.


PYREXIA of unknown origin is a blanket term used to describe a clinical presentation in which continuous or relapsing fever is a predominant feature but the underlying cause has yet to be determined. In such cases, an initial short course of antibiotics (and possibly even secondary therapy with ‘stronger’ antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and a baseline work-up may still fail to elucidate a likely diagnosis. This article describes the possible causes of pyrexia in dogs, and outlines a logical clinical approach to help pinpoint its origin.

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