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Client Relations
Teaching communication skills
  1. Liz Mossop

    Liz Mossop graduated from Edinburgh in 2000 and spent six years in mixed/equine practice before joining the new School of Veterinary Medicine and Science at the University of Nottingham. She still works part time in equine practice and holds an MSc in clinical education.

  2. Carol Gray

    Carol Gray graduated from Glasgow in 1982, and after 15 years in practice moved to academia. She has been lecturing in communication skills at Liverpool university since 2003, and has been involved in the National Unit for the Advancement of Veterinary Communication Skills since then. She is also programme director for the Liverpool veterinary degree.


GOOD communication makes for a more effective and contented veterinary surgeon, nurse, receptionist and practice manager, and the entire practice can benefit from improved communication skills. In this article, Liz Mossop and Carol Gray describe the Calgary-Cambridge guide, a consultation tool used to teach communication skills in veterinary schools. It lists the simple steps and techniques required for practitioners to communicate effectively with their clients, which ultimately results in a better outcome for patients and better business for the practice.

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