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How the other half lives: what can medics learn from vets?
  1. Linda Dykes

    Linda Dykes qualified from Newcastle Medical School in 1996. She has been a consultant in emergency medicine in rural northwest Wales since 2005, and is also a trained GP. Linda founded the British Houserabbit Association (now the Rabbit Welfare Association) and has written extensively on rabbit health and welfare topics. She has a mule, three dogs, a quarter horse and a long-suffering husband!

  2. Emma Cohen

    Emma Cohen graduated from Liverpool in 1996, and has worked as an assistant in practice in north Wales ever since. She gained the RCVS certificate in anaesthesia in 2007. Her interests include riding and spending time on the beach.

  3. Eleri Jones

    Eleri Jones has just qualified as a doctor from the University of Cardiff School of Medicine. She plans to work in north Wales.

  4. Jill Hubbard

    Jill Hubbard qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1975. She bought a practice with her husband in 1978, and moved to a purpose-built site in 1997. They have now expanded to an eight-vet practice in Caernarfon, Gwynedd, and are in the process of rationalising their clinical focus to concentrate entirely on small animals.


A north Wales veterinary practice recently hosted a final-year medical student for an eight-week placement studying comparative medicine. This unique collaboration arose serendipitously, but all the participants found it a valuable experience. Here, the key players – Linda Dykes (the medical co-supervisor), Emma Cohen (the veterinary co-supervisor), Eleri Jones (the medical student) and Jill Hubbard (the practice owner) – describe their experiences.

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