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Field anaesthesia in camelids
  1. Leah Bradbury

    Leah Bradbury graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia, in 1999. She worked in mixed practice in Australia and the UK for three years before undertaking a residency in anaesthesia and critical care at Liverpool. In 2006, she moved back to Australia where she is currently a senior registrar in veterinary anaesthesia at the University of Melbourne.


SOUTH American camelids, such as llamas and alpacas, can be challenging to manage in the field. Not only are these animals unusual, they can also be very valuable. Although different anatomically, camelids can be considered simply as small ruminants, such as goats and sheep, as they experience similar problems under general anaesthesia (eg, regurgitation, profuse salivation and hypoventilation). This article provides some basic guidelines for field anaesthesia of camelids for routine procedures, such as castration, skin biopsies or abdominal ultrasound.

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