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Working Overseas
Passport to the world
  1. Michael Hewetson

    Michael Hewetson worked with thoroughbred horses in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Emily Haggett

    Emily Haggett is completing a residency in large animal internal medicine in California.

  3. Stephen Pointing

    Stephen Pointing works for the Falkland Islands Government in the Department of Agriculture.

  4. Pip Beard

    Pip Beard works at the State Central Veterinary Laboratory in Mongolia.

  5. Jack Reece

    Jack Reece works for an animal welfare charity in India.

  6. Catriona Curtis

    Catriona Curtis worked in small animal practice in New Zealand.


A veterinary degree can provide an ideal opportunity to broaden your horizons and travel the world, working in a variety of roles. Here, six veterinary surgeons who have spent varying amounts of time working overseas outline their very different experiences.

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