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Companion Animal Practice
Treatment of canine liver disease 2. Managing clinical signs and specific liver diseases
  1. Nick Bexfield

    Nick Bexfield graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1999. He is currently undertaking a PhD to investigate the aetiology of canine chronic hepatitis. He holds both the RCVS and European diplomas in small animal medicine.

  2. Penny Watson

    Penny Watson graduated from Cambridge in 1989. She is currently a senior lecturer at Cambridge. She holds the RCVS certificate in veterinary radiology and the RCVS and European diplomas in small animal medicine.


THIS article, the second of two discussing the management of liver disease in dogs, describes the treatment of the clinical signs of several liver diseases and considers a number of specific examples, including some case studies to highlight their management. An article in the last issue of In Practice (March 2009, volume 31, pp 130-135) described the indications and actions of some of the commonly used drugs and dietary therapies for the condition.

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