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Making work experience a practice success
  1. Melanie Lean

    Melanie Lean worked for the British Veterinary Association for a number of years before graduating with a first-class honours degree in equine sports science from Hartpury College, Gloucestershire, in 2007. After graduating, she worked as a nurse administrator and research assistant at Rossdales Equine Hospital in Newmarket, where she also ran the work experience programme.


REQUESTS for work experience can put fear into many employers' minds, but this need not be the case, says Melanie Lean. Work experience can offer students an insight into the type of work a life in practice can involve, be that as a vet, veterinary nurse, technician, pharmacist, farrier or radiographer, to name but a few. Here, she outlines the work experience programme in place at Rossdale & Partners, which is now in its 20th year.

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