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Companion Animal Practice
Ultrasonography of the urogenital tract in dogs and cats
  1. Natalie Webster

    Natalie Webster graduated from Massey University in New Zealand in 2002. After completing an internship in small animal medicine and surgery, she worked in companion animal and emergency medicine practice in Australia and New Zealand. She is currently a third-year resident in diagnostic imaging at the Animal Health Trust.


ULTRASONOGRAPHIC examination of the urogenital tract is a routine procedure in veterinary medicine. It may be performed in most patients without sedation and can give valuable anatomical and pathological information. Patient preparation, transducer selection and correct adjustment of the machine settings are vital in optimising an ultrasound examination. The patient's fur should be clipped, the skin cleaned and liberal amounts of acoustic gel applied to ensure good contact between the transducer and the patient. This article describes how to conduct an ultrasound examination of the different organs of the urogenital tract and, for each region, outlines normal and abnormal findings, with case examples.

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