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Companion Animal Practice
Skin disease in rabbits
  1. Rachel Sant

    Rachel Sant graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1992 and has worked exclusively in small animal practice ever since. She holds RCVS certificates in veterinary dermatology and small animal medicine. She currently works at a multidisciplinary referral practice in Kent.

  2. Mark Rowland

    Mark Rowland graduated from Liverpool in 1996. He holds the RCVS certificate in zoological medicine and owns a small animal and specialist exotic veterinary centre in Maidstone, Kent.


RABBITS are the third most commonly owned pet in the UK and skin disease represents a significant problem in this species. The general approach to skin disease in rabbits is similar to that in dogs and cats, and includes obtaining a full history and conducting a clinical examination, followed by a variety of diagnostic tests, depending on the clinical signs. This article describes the skin conditions frequently reported in pet rabbits and discusses how they may be diagnosed and managed.

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