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Practical approach to digital radiography
  1. Abby Caine

    Abby Caine graduated from Cambridge in 2001. She worked in small animal practice for five years, during which time she developed an interest in diagnostic imaging. She is currently undertaking a residency in diagnostic imaging at Cambridge. She holds the RCVS certificate in veterinary diagnostic imaging and is studying for the European diploma in veterinary diagnostic imaging.


THE advantages and disadvantages of moving to digital radiography have been widely described, and many practices have consequently take the plunge and invested in a digital system. However, the transition to this form of imaging requires more than investment; new opportunities for use arise that must be understood to maximise the information that can be obtained from the images, and new pitfalls crop up that must be avoided. This article discusses how to obtain and manipulate digital images, and describes some of the more common artefacts that need to be recognised and dealt with.

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