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New Graduates
PDP: the story so far
  1. Julian Wells

    Julian Wells graduated from Liverpool in 1974. After working in mixed practice near Northampton, he spent four years in small animal practice in Durban, South Africa. He returned in 1979 and, after a period doing locums, he set up a new small animal practice in Shrewsbury. In 2004 he left the practice to work in professional indemnity. He was BSAVA President during 2001/02, and has been a member of the RCVS Education Strategy Steering Group from its inception. In 2008, he became a postgraduate dean for the PDP.


THE Professional Development Phase (PDP) was conceived by the RCVS Education Strategy Steering Group, which began work in 2000 and piloted the first PDP logbook in 2002/03. Refinement over succeeding years led to its full introduction for the 2007 cohort of graduates. The scheme remains voluntary under the terms of the current Veterinary Surgeons Act, but has become a professional obligation for anyone qualifying after 2007, who will need to have completed their PDP before enrolling to study for a RCVS postgraduate certificate. Here, Julian Wells provides an update on how the scheme is progressing.

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