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Companion Animal Practice
Review of feline oral disease
  1. Peter Southerden

    Peter Southerden graduated from Liverpool in 1984. He is a director of Eastcott Veterinary Hospital in Swindon and his time is equally divided between running the practice and undertaking referral dentistry and oral surgery. He holds an MBA from the Open Business School, and is currently enrolled as an alternate pathway trainee for the European Veterinary Dental College diploma.

2. Other common conditions


Feline oral disease, comprising a range of dental and oral conditions, is frequently seen in general practice but is often underdiagnosed. An article in the January issue (In Practice, volume 32, pp 2–7) discussed the management of periodontitis and feline chronic gingivostomatitis. This article outlines the diagnosis and treatment options for a number of other common oral conditions occurring in cats, including feline chronic alveolar osteitis, tooth resorption, trauma and neoplasia.

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