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Equine practice
Prebreeding examination of the stallion
  1. James Crabtree

    James Crabtree graduated from Edinburgh in 2001 and spent four years in mixed practice before joining Equine Reproductive Services, a first-opinion and referral private equine practice based in Yorkshire. He has worked as a stud veterinarian in Australia and New Zealand during the southern hemisphere stud season. He is currently studying for the RCVS certificate in equine stud medicine.

2. Semen collection and evaluation


For a stallion to have adequate fertility, it is essential that it is fit, healthy, disease free, have a good libido and be able to mate. The only way to achieve fertility rates is if it also delivers semen of sufficient quantity and quality on a regular basis. A stallion's potential fertility is estimated by collecting and evaluating its semen. This article describes a clinical protocol for the collection and evaluation of semen, and discusses how to predict fertility from the results. An article in the January issue (In Practice, volume 32, pp 22–28) described how to carry out a physical examination of a stallion to establish breeding soundness.

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