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Farm animal practice
Responsible use of anthelmintics for nematode control in sheep and cattle
  1. Neil Sargison


Globally, nematode parasites are arguably the most important causes of suboptimal productivity in sheep and cattle, albeit that they often occur concurrently with other problems. The control of nematode parasites is therefore a prerequisite for economically efficient meat production. For many years, in the UK, this involved the frequent routine use of broad-spectrum anthelmintics to suppress contamination of pasture, but the consequent emergence of anthelmintic resistance has meant that the livestock industry has had to re-evaluate its approach to the management of these parasites. This article discusses how the use of certain nematode parasite control regimens has led to the evolution of species resistant to licensed anthelmintic drugs, and suggests some strategies for reducing the further development of anthelmintic resistance.

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