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Comments on the dilemma in the September issue: ‘Confronting bad husbandry’
  1. Siobhan Mullan


The dilemma in the September issue concerned the welfare of horses belonging to a breeder and long-standing client of a practice. On several occasions a vet had noticed problems with the animals' living quarters, such as makeshift pens that were rarely cleaned out and outdoor areas that were muddy and full of manure. Not only did the owner not seem to take on any of the vet's advice, but the concerns were also largely ignored back at the practice (In Practice, September 2013, volume 35, pages 486-487). Kathryn Henderson suggested that the first thing for the vet to do could be to organise a formal meeting with the practice boss, as engaging the breeder without support would be difficult. She also commented that the best way forward might be for the vet to try to educate the client on good husbandry and hygiene. This could be framed as a ‘new free-of-charge practice initiative’ to improve herd health and could stress the effects of poor management on profitability.

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