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Avian haematology and biochemistry

1. Haematology (In Practice, November/December 2014, vol 36, pp 510–518; doi: 10.1136/inp.g5870)

On page 510, the text should have described six stages of erythrocyte maturation; the second stage, prorubrocyte, was missing.

On page 517, the thrombocyte formula should have read:

Estimated thrombocyte count (thrombocytes/μl)=Mean number of thrombocytes in five immersion oil fields divided by 1000 and multiplied by 3,500,000 (average number of erythrocytes per µl of blood in birds with normal haematocrits). Corrections should be made in birds with haematocrits significantly out of the normal range.

The errors are regretted.

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