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Case example: Dilated cardiomyopathy in a Dobermann
  1. Jacqui Gilmour

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Signalment and history

A five-year-old entire male Dobermann was presented for exercise intolerance, lethargy and inappetence. It had been suffering from a dry ‘retching’ cough for the previous three days.

Clinical examination

Physical examination found the dog to be quiet and responsive, with a body condition score of 5/9. Clinical examination detected pale pink mucous membranes, cool extremities and reduced femoral pulse quality with pulse deficits. Its heart rhythm was irregular, at a rate of approximately 250 beats per minute (bpm). A soft grade II/VI left apical systolic murmur was audible. The dog was panting continually, therefore preventing satisfactory lung auscultation.

Diagnostic investigation

Systolic blood pressure (BP) was low at 116 mmHg (using a …

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