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Treatment of toe granuloma in sheep
  1. Agnes Winter

    Agnes Winter qualified from Liverpool in 1965. After spending two years as house surgeon at the University Field Station, Leahurst, she worked in mixed practice in North Wales and developed a particular interest in sheep. In 1986 she returned to Liverpool to carry out research into cow colostruminduced anaemia in lambs and kids, gaining her PhD as a result of this work. She is a pastpresident of the Sheep Veterinary Society and a member of the Farm Animal Welfare Council. She holds the diploma in sheep health and production.


A METHOD of treating toe granuloma - a problem caused all too often by unskilled foot trimming - is described here which will allow an affected foot to return to near normality. The temptation simply to cut off a granuloma should be resisted as this will result in profuse bleeding and recurrence of the condition.

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