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Companion Animal Practice
Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of dental disease in pet rabbits
  1. Frances Harcourt-Brown

    Frances Harcourt-Brown qualified from Liverpool in 1973 and is a partner with her husband in a first opinion and referral small animal and avian practice in Harrogate. In 1995 she was granted an award from Petsavers to investigate dental disease in rabbits and, in 1996, won the BVA's William Hunting Award for her article, published in The Veterinary Record, entitled 'A review of clinical conditions in pet rabbits associated with their teeth'. She is currently working on an FRCVS thesis entitled 'Metabolic bone disease and related dental problems in pet rabbits'.


DENTAL disease is common in pet rabbits. Primary malocclusion due to hereditary defects or trauma is not the only cause of tooth problems. Recent work has demonstrated that selective feeding habits of pet rabbits can lead to calcium deficiency which affects bone and tooth quality. The result is progressive acquired dental disease. The aim of this article is to describe each stage of dental disease, discussing clinical and radiological findings, treatment and prognosis.

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