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Farm Animal Practice
Decisions leading to caesarean section in the cow
  1. Martin Green

    Martin Green graduated from Bristol in 1987 and is in farm practice in Glastonbury, Somerset. He holds the diploma in cattle health and production and is an RCVS Specialist in Cattle Health and Production.

  2. Siriol Butterworth

    Siriol Butterworth graduated from Bristol in 1987. She is a partner in a sevenvet practice in Cardiganshire and holds the certificate in cattle health and production.

  3. James Husband

    James Husband graduated from Cambridge in 1993. He is currently working at Bristol University as an RCVS Millennium Scholar. He holds the certificate in cattle health and production.


CAESAREAN section is probably the most common surgical procedure performed in cattle practice. While the technique is straightforward, a successful outcome depends largely on the appropriate selection of cases for surgery. The decision-making process which leads to a caesarean section is often complex and improves with experience of handling parturition. This article aims to present a logical approach to decision making, to help the inexperienced veterinarian.

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