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Companion Animal Practice
Investigation of lower respiratory tract disease in the dog
  1. Grainne McCarthy

    Grainne McCarthy graduated from University College Dublin in 1974. She then spent one year as an intern in the department of small animal medicine and surgery at Trinity College Dublin and two years in small animal practice in South Africa and Ireland. She is currently a lecturer in small animal cardiovascular and respiratory medicine at University College Dublin. She was awarded an MSc in veterinary medicine in 1981 and a PhD in 1988.


CANINE lower respiratory tract disease can present a considerable diagnostic challenge to the veterinary practitioner and the choice of diagnostic procedures may seem daunting. The initial approach to a dog with suspected lower respiratory tract disease involves taking a complete history, performing a clinical examination and obtaining thoracic radiographs. Armed with the information this provides, the veterinarian can then make a more informed decision as to which further diagnostic procedures are warranted.

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