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Companion Animal Practice
Use of topical ear cleaners in small animals
  1. Richard Harvey

    Richard Harvey graduated from Bristol in 1978 and spent several years inmixed/equine practice before moving into small animal practice. He is a partner in a small animal practice in Coventry. He holds a PhD for studies on canine cutaneous microbiology, and the RCVS and European diplomas in veterinary dermatology.


SOME degree of cerumen (ear wax) production is normal. However, increased production orcompromised clearance of cerumen can necessitate its removal. While this is mainly a problemin dogs, some cats may also require ear cleaning. This article describes the technique for cleaningears in small animals. It also discusses the principal components of topical ear cleaners that maybe used to clean the external ear canal and highlights those that are safe to use within a long‐termotic care programme (ie, for home treatment over an extended period).

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