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Working Overseas
Challenges of charity veterinary work in developing countries
  1. Heather Bacon

    Heather Bacon graduated from Bristol in 2005, with an intercalated degree in veterinary conservation medicine from Liverpool. She has worked with a large variety of captive and freeranging wildlife, both in the UK and abroad. She is currently the senior veterinary surgeon at the Animals Asia Foundation, a charity committed to raising the standards of animal welfare for wildlife and domestic species across Asia, and is based in Chengdu, China.


THE charities and non-governmental organisations involved in clinical veterinary work abroad are both numerous and diverse, as are the challenges, frustrations and rewards that the staff working in the clinics face. In this article, Heather Bacon draws on the experiences of a number of vets, nurses and volunteers who have worked in veterinary clinics in developing countries in order to offer guidance on the type of challenges that a vet may face when undertaking charity work abroad.

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