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Companion Animal Practice
Dental disease in pet rabbits
  1. Frances Harcourt-Brown

    Frances Harcourt-Brown qualified from Liverpool in 1973 and is in general practice in Harrogate where rabbits form over 80 per cent of her caseload. She is the only RCVSrecognised specialist in rabbit medicine and surgery. She is a past-recipient of both the BSAVA's Melton and Dunkin awards and has twice received the BVA's William Hunting Award. She holds an FRCVS for studies on metabolic bone disease as a possible cause of dental disease in pet rabbits.

2. Diagnosis and treatment


DENTAL disease in pet rabbits may manifest as a range of clinical signs. Recognising that there is a dental problem and establishing exactly what that problem is will facilitate appropriate treatment. This article, the second of three discussing dental disease in pet rabbits, describes how to diagnose dental problems and highlights some options for treatment. The final article in this series, to be published in the November/December issue of In Practice, will discuss jaw abscesses, which is a common problem in rabbits.

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