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Clinical audit in farm animal veterinary practice. Part 2: conducting the audit


This article, the second in a two-part series providing practical advice for practitioners on carrying out clinical audits in farm animal practice, focuses on the data collection, analysis and discussion steps of clinical audit. Part 1, which was published in the October issue of In Practice, discussed preparing for and initiating clinical audit in farm animal practice. Both articles are based on findings from a three-year research project looking at the use of clinical audit in farm animal practice. The research included conducting audits using information already in existence in the practice setting, and audits focused on actively collecting information over a period of time in three farm animal practices, and a nationwide survey on the experiences and attitudes of farm animal veterinary surgeons towards clinical audit in the UK. The findings from this work demonstrate that clinical audit is achievable in farm animal practice, with strategic planning, selection of relevant topics and the setting of realistic goals.

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