Table 1:

Licensed NSAID products currently available

Generic drug nameTrade nameLicensed formulationSpecies
MeloxicamMeloxidyl (Ceva)5 mg/ml solution for injectionDogs/cats
Meloxidyl1.5 mg/ml oral suspensionDogs
Meloxidyl0.5 mg/ml oral suspensionCats
Metacam (Boehringer Ingelheim)Chewable tablets 1 or 2.5 mgDogs
Metacam5 mg/ml solution for injectionDogs/cats
Metacam1.5 mg/ml suspensionDogs
Metacam0.5 mg/ml oral suspensionCats
Metacam2 mg/ml solution for injectionCats
RevitaCAM (Zoetis)5 mg/ml oromucosal sprayDogs
Inflacam (Virbac)1.5 mg/ml oral suspensionDogs
Inflacam1 and 2.5 mg chewable tabletsDogs
Inflacam5 mg/ml solution for injectionDogs/cats
Meloxivet (Elanco)0.5 and 1.5 mg/ml oral suspensionDogs
CarprofenCarprodyl (Ceva)20, 50 or 100 mg tabletsDogs
Rimadyl (Zoetis)50 mg/ml solution for injectionDogs/cats
Rimadyl20, 50, 100 mg palatable tabletsDogs
Dolagis (Ceva)50 mg tablet and 120 mg chewable tabletDogs
PhenylbutazonePhenylbutazone (Ayrtons)200 mg tabletsDogs
MavacoxibTrocoxil (Zoetis)6, 20, 30, 75 or 95 mg chewable tabletsDogs
CimicoxibCimalgex (Vétoquinol)8, 30, 80 mg chewable tabletsDogs
ChinchophenPLT (Elanco)200 mg (plus 1 mg prednisolone) tabletDogs
RobenacoxibOnsior (Elanco)6 mg flavoured tabletsCats
Onsior5, 10, 20 and 40 mg flavoured tabletsDogs
Onsior20 mg/ml solution for injectionDogs/cats
FirocoxibPrevicox (Merial)57 and 227 mg chewable tabletsDogs
KetoprofenKetofen (Merial)5, 20 mg tabletsDogs/cats
Ketofen1% solutionDogs
Tolfenamic acidTolfedine4% injectionDogs/cats
Tolfedine6, 20, 60 mg tabletsDogs/cats