TableĀ 2:

Physical signs of dehydration

Percentage dehydrationPhysical findings
<5No physical evidence of dehydration, but history suggests reduced fluid intake or increased fluid loss
5 to 6Dry oral mucous membranes, subtle reduction in skin elasticity
6 to 8Mild to moderate reduction in skin elasticity, some increase in capillary refill time, dry oral mucous membranes. Possibly eyes sunken in orbits
10 to 12Marked reduction in skin elasticity, capillary refill time 2-3 seconds, dry mucous membranes, eyes sunken in orbits. Possibly tachycardia, cool extremities, rapid and weak pulses
12 to 15Severe signs of shock or dehydration, capillary refill time >3 seconds, very severe debilitation
>15Incompatible with life