ProductRouteQuantityNumber of calculated cow courses
Adult cow medicines
Alamycin 10 injection (100 mi) (Norbrook)Injection2230.0022.30
Amoxypen injection (100 mi) (Intervet)Injection30.000.30
Betamox (100 ml) (Norbrook)Injection590.005.90
Betamox LA (100 ml) (Norbrook)Injection512.008.53
Bimotrim Co (100 mi) (Bimeda)Injection550.005.50
Bovocycline Pessaries (Dechra)Intrauterine13.004.33
Cefimam LC (x24l* (Norbrook)Lactating cow therapy216.0036.00
Cemay (100 mll* (Bimeda)Injection1900.0047.50
Cephaguard DC (x60l* (Virbac)Dry cow therapy508.00127.00
Ceporex (100 ml) (MSD Animal Health)Injection2200.0022.00
Cepravin (x20) (MSD Animal Health)Dry cow therapy60.0015.00

Cobactan injection

(100 mll* (MSD Animal Health)

Cobactan MC (x30l* (MSD Animal Health)Lactating cow therapy180.0030.00
Combiclav (100 ml) (Norbrook)Injection400.004.00
Mamyzin (10 g) (Boehringer Ingelheim)Injection4.001.00
Marbox (100 mll* (Ceva Animal Health)Injection242.006.05
Metricure syringe (MSD Animal Health)Intrauterine70.0070.00
Naxcel (100 ml)* (Zoetis)Injection160.007.27
Occrycetin bolus (x20) (Zoetis)Oral140.0023.33
Orbenin LA (x12) (Zoetis)Lactating cow therapy15.005.00
Orbeseal DC (x120) (Zoetis)Seal716.00179.00
Pen and strep (100 ml) (Norbrook)InjectionB30.00B.30
Tylan 200 (100 ml) (Elanco)Injection500.005.00
Ubro red (x20) (Boehringer Ingelheim)Dry cow therapy60.0015.00
Ubrolexin (x20) (Boehringer Ingelheim)Lactating cow therapy40.0013.33
Calf medicines
Alamycin LA 200 I120 ml) INorbrook)Injection30.003.00
Resflor (100 ml) (MSD Animal Health)Injection400.002B.57
Synulox bolus (x20) (Zoetis)Oral40.006.67
Zactran (100 ml)* (Merial Animal Health)Injection752.001BB.00
Allevinix (100 ml) (Ceva Animal Health)Injection2610.0050.19
Metacam LA (250 ml) (Boehringer Ingelheim)InjectionBB.505.21
Metacam LA (100 ml) (Boehringer Ingelheim)InjectionB05.0047.35
  • * Critical course products